Join our Customer Success team for a free training webinar. Learn how to create and share awesome roadmaps with Roadmunk.

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Roadmunk AMA: Ask me anything
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Erin Peck
Customer Success Manager


Date: Wednesday, August 21st

Time: 2pm (EST)

Duration: 1 hour


Grab a cup of coffee or a tea, bring your list of questions, and buckle up for a webinar that’ll help you make the most out of roadmapping in Roadmunk.

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Ask Me Anything:

Your roadmunk questions answered

In this AMA session, our Customer Success Superstar Erin Peck will tackle all of your queries, questions and quips about Roadmunk. Wondering if you’re taking advantage of everything Roadmunk offers? Do you like your roadmaps but think they could use a little visual jazz? Sign up to learn the answers, and more.

Watch recorded webinars

59 mins
28 mins beyond-basics

Roadmapping in Roadmunk 101

Learn the basics of Roadmunk as we walk through how to build your very first roadmap. We’ll go over the basics of creating roadmap items, fields, milestones, visualizations and more.

Beyond the Roadmapping Basics

Learn about some recently features + tips and tricks to get you roadmapping like a seasoned pro. This is perfect if you’ve completed the Roadmunk 101 course and are looking to level up your skills.

Build Epic Jira Roadmaps

Our one and two-way Jira integration connects your high-level strategy to your day-to-day planning. Learn how to turn your epics and releases into beautiful roadmaps.

Perfect for Jira users.